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download (20)Fans of the Blu-ray format may have noticed  that the deals on the discs and players were a little less lucrative and highly touted this Black Friday compared to 2012. The culprit for that softening buzz around the HD format may be the streaming video player.

Ben Arnold, a director and industry analyst with The NPD Group, says that streaming video devices such as the Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Roku box saw 30 percent growth from 2011 to 2012, and that percentage may double this year. Said Arnold:

“That might be conservative . . . So if I expect Blu-ray to grow slower than it did during Black Friday last year, part of that has to be due to what’s going on in streaming devices.”

Arnold also believes that when Black Friday 2013 numbers are released, Blu-ray will still show growth, but it will be less than has been seen in previous years:

“I suppose there is some more room to go down on [average selling price] in order to drive BD demand on the unit side, but I don’t expect 19% growth this year during Black Friday,”

We all knew that eventually streaming would supplant discs, even the mighty Blu-ray format, but were you expecting the tipping point to be coming this quickly?

[via Home Media Magazine]

2 Responses to “Did Black Friday Blu-ray Sales Take a Hit From Streaming Boxes?”

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    marissadad [visitor]

    Wake up Hollywood, Blu Ray is too expensive. With Netflix now offering most movies in HD, I can pass on the physical media. I used to be a DVD junkie with close to 1,000 titles, half of them never even opened. I’d watch a handful of them more than once, so what’s the use in owning them?