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Blockbuster is set to go up for auction on April 4, and several bids have already been placed on the company. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn and satellite TV operator Dish Network have added their bids to those of South Korean company SK Telecom and Cobalt Video Holdings.

Dish Network in particular, if it acquires Blockbuster, could become a powerful competitor to Netflix, says Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker:

“We had often thought that Charlie Ergen (founder of Dish and EchoStar) is interested in providing an over-the-top product but the one piece we were missing was how to get content — Blockbuster may be the (first) answer,”

What do you think will happen on Monday, Insiders? Will Blockbuster be purchased and just as quickly liquidated, or will its acquirer try to continue the brand in some form?

(via Home Media Magazine)

11 Responses to “Carl Icahn, Dish Network Place Blockbuster Bids”

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    tinybrat [visitor]

    If Icahn or Cobalt buys BB, it will be liquidated immediately.

    If Dish buys it, they will close the brick and mortar stores and use the content for streaming.

    If South Korean’s cell phone company buys it, who knows what they would do with it.

    My guess is Dish will end up with it. It makes the most sense financially.

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      Tee [visitor]

      “If Dish buys it, they will close the brick and mortar stores and use the content for streaming.”

      Buying the inventory does not allow you to stream it, might need the green light from the studio’s for that.

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        tinybrat [visitor]

        They already have the license to stream it, BB has their own streaming biz.

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          They have the license to sell it PPV style which isn’t anything special. The loses incurred scuttling the BM stores would seem to make it seem impractical. Then again there must be something I don’t know because I can’t understand why anyone wants to buy them. Maybe Big Lots will get their used DVDs.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    I thought Redbox bought BB. ;) lol

  3. Member [Join Now]

    And the “winner” is … Dish Network for $320 Million.

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    tinybrat [visitor]

    Well now not only will Blockbuster fold, but so will Dish network!! I don’t believe any of Dish shareholders will be happy about being a part of this sinking ship called Blockbuster. Abandon your dish stock if you own any!!

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    Snapper [visitor]

    Oh give it a break Bratty… You are sooo freaking bitter you must take antacid pills like M&M’s.