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Confirming the speculation and rumors, Amazon has beaten rivals Apple and Google to the punch with the launch of its “Cloud Drive” digital media locker. Cloud Drive offers 5 GB of free storage and additional space can be purchased at a yearly rate of per GB.
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With the simultaneous release of the “Cloud Player” (which is unsurprisingly not compatible with Apple mobile devices) the service seems to be emphasizing music currently, though Cloud Drive can also store movies, photos, documents, etc.

Will any of you be taking advantage of Cloud Drive, Insiders?
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Now that Amazon has launched the first salvo, it will be interesting to see how Google and Apple respond in this new cloud-based battle.

(via The Wrap)

One Response to “Amazon Launches ‘Cloud Drive’ Digital Media Locker”

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    Russ [visitor]

    It’s been a week. And this is the first comment.

    Ought to tell you what a yawner the Amazon cloud service is. Not saying it’ll go under, just that it isn’t all that big a deal. For that reason it is puzzling why the major record labels are so up in arms over it – the consumer is hardly moved so it isn’t a threat to the labels.

    At this point the labels are just filing lawsuits as a knee-jerk reaction because it’s so much easier than actual business analysis and forecasting.