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Have you ever binged on Netflix when you were supposed to be working? It’s ok–you can tell us. You’re also not alone. According to recent research done by Netflix, more than a quarter of its subscribers admit to watching the streaming service while they were at work.

Overall, two-thirds of respondents said they watch TV shows and movies on Netflix in public. A small but icky group even confessed to having watched Netflix content while in a public restroom. Some other fun facts from the Netflix research:

  • 20 percent of respondents admitted to crying while watching Netflix publicly
  • 17 percent were so distracted by their Netflix viewing they missed a metro or bus stop on their commute
  • 45 percent claimed they’d caught someone looking over their shoulder at their screen
  • 11 percent said they’d had a TV show spoiled by spying on someone else’s screen
  • 18 percent said they were embarrassed about watching Netflix in public

Have you ever watched Netflix in public? On a train, plane, or bus? In a public bathroom? These are the salient questions of our day!

[via Quartz]


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    No,but then my iPhone 4S is too old and slow for that stuff. Also, I don’t have Netflix.